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For Vitiligo Decapeptide Cure White Patches Re Pigmentation 5ml SKU 18300B1F1

Description :
Melbild Lotion for Vitiligo Decapeptide Cure White Patches Re Pigmentation
Quantity : 5ml
Extra Details :
 For The Use Of A Registered Medical Practitioner Or Hospital Or Vitiliogo Patient.

Melbild is a tropical preparation for management  of vitiligo. It is Available in two Strengths and use for external use only.

 1.  What is Melbild ?
 =  It is a sequence of amino acids derived from basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). It Stimulates growth  of melanocytes and therefore helps in repigmenting the depigmented skin.

With the use of such preparations one can expect some noticeable change in about 3-6 months.
Significant repigmentation may be achieved with continued use for about a year.

 2. How Is MELBILD To Be Used ?
 = To Begin with , Remove the plug of the MELBILD container and replace it with a roller. Gently, Shake the bottle , and then apply. Before applying MELBILD, Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly, and then apply as a very thin film.
It is best to apply MELBILD some 2 hours before retiring for the night. Every morning, the treated patches may be exposed to sunlight for 10-15 minutes. If this not possible, the treated patches may be exposed to commercially available Ultraviolet Lamps.

3. How Is MELBILD To Be Stored ?
= MELBILD is to be stored at a temperature below 25 degree Celsius and away from light, to maintain optimal effectiveness.
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