Jrk Siddha 777 Oil

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Skin Therapy Proven To Be Effective For Psoriasis 100ml SKU 3534B1F1

Description :
JRK Siddha 777 Oil Skin Therapy
Quantity : 100ml
Extra Details :
Dr.JRK's 777 Oil

Proprietary Siddha Medicine
Dr.JRK's 777 Oil is a well researched and clinically proven non-steroidal siddha proprietary medicine for the effective management of the global problem of Psoriasis. DR.JRK's 777 Oil is proven to be effective for all types of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an auto immune disorder leading to excessive proliferation of epidermal cells. Over 2% of the world population is known to be affected by Psoriasis.

Indication for use of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil :

Psoriasis and their variants, Pityriasis versicolor and Xerotic skin.

Salient Features of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil

Impairs KC (Keratinocytes) multiplication
Interferes in co-stimulatory molecules communications (Interleukins & Cytokines)
Sorts, isolates and attenuates neoplastic KC

Benefits of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil

Safe-effective-affordable for the long term management of the problem of Psoriasis.
No rebound effect or withdrawal symptoms.
No toxicity even on long term use.
no Contra-indications.
Prolonged period of remission (Period during which there would not be any significant clinical symptoms).
Breaks the cycle of recurrence

Dr.JRK's 777 Oil inhibits keratinocytes copying, sorts and isolates neoplastic keratinocytes and inhibits nuclear kinetics.

Usage/Application of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil

Apply Dr.JRK's 777 Oil sufficiently over the entire body and scalp in the morning and expose the skin to sunlight for 10-15 minutes and then take bath. Apply Dr.JRK's 777 Oil twice a day. Regular use of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil is recommended during remission period also for sustained relief and to prolong the period of remission. For external use only.

Composition of Dr.JRK's 777 Oil :
Each 5 ml contains extracts of :

Wrightia tinctoria : 50% w/v
Oleum cocos nucifera : 50% w/v
Ointment base : QS
Important Note :

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