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Albuminuria Drops For Kidney Diseases Homeopathic Medicine 22ml SKU 4657B1F1

Description :
Dr Reckeweg Germany R64 Albuminuria drops for kidney diseases Homeopathic Medicine
Quantity : 22ml
Extra Details :
Dr. Reckeweg R64 (Excessive Protein in Urine Drops)
(Name: NEPHRALBIN Drops)
Size : 22ml

Albuminuria, proteinuria, nephrosis, chronic nephritis, nephrosclerosis.

The various ingredients of this combination cover those symptoms characteristically found in the late stages of inflammation within the urogenital tract.
Helonias dioica: Exhaustion, backache, pressure and drawing pains in the kidney area.
Kalium arsenicosum: Chronic nephritis with oedema; heart pathology.
Phosphorus: Weakness, parenchymal degeneration, analysis of urine shows protein and blood and cylindrical casts. Chronic nephritis, almost specific as a kidney remedy.
Plumbum metallicum: Reduced quantity of urine, proteinuria with hypotrophy of kidney.

- 10-15 drops in water three times daily before meals. In the initial phase of therapy repeat more frequently

- Acute and chronic nephritis: compare R1 also R6
- Relapsing kidney complaints yield better if R64, is used in alternation with R1
- In cysto-pyelitis: compare R18 with R1
- In kidney-stones: compare R27 and if necessary R1
- Prostate adenomas associated with cystitis: compare R25
Important Note :
Genuine Homeopathic Medicine
Manufactured In India
Under Licence Dr Reckeweg Germany

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