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Influenza Drops Genuine Homeopathic Medicine 22ml SKU# 4598B1F1

Description :
Dr Reckeweg Germany R6 Influenza drops Genuine Homeopathic Medicine
Quantity : 22ml
Extra Details :
Dr. Reckeweg R6 Drops (Name: GRIPFEKTAN)
Influenza Drops
Size : 22ml

Acute feverish inflammations of the fibrous tissues and the serous membranes.
Gripfektan: Specific serous remedy, especially influenza. General infection with pain in the limbs, sensation of prostration, dull head-aches, restlessness.
Dry and burning skin, acute pains. Feverish catarrh of the mucosa of the upper air-passages, rhinopharyngitis, influenza bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammation of the serous membranes, pleurisy, pericarditis, peritonitis, irritation of the peritoneum during inflammatory processes of the abdominal organs.

Baptisia: Typhic fever, stupor and lethargy, cold, irritation of the mucous membranes.
Bryonia: Catarrhal fever, headaches, piercing pains, inflammation of the serous tissues.
Camphora: Analeptic, calmative.
Causticum: Sensation of rawness of mucosa, hollow cough, weakness of the sphincter of bladder.
Eucalyptus: General agitation and accelerated breathing, weariness and rigidity of limbs, headaches, fever.
Eupatorium perfoliatum: Fever with sensation of prostration. Catarrhal inflammation of the upper air-passages with tendency to cough and sensation of rawness of mucosa.
Ferrum phosphoricum: Remedy for fever and inflammation, low pulse, rush towards the head. Especially effective in inflammations of the upper respiratory tracts and in bronchopneumonia.
Gelsemium: Congestive headaches, sleeplessness, shivering and prostration.
Sabadilla: Convulsic stimulus of the sneezing centre, burning cold stimulus of the coughing centre, stitches on the chest.

- Acute illness with feverish tendency: 10 drops in some water every 15 to 30 minutes.
- As soon as fever is abating (generally after 1-2 days) and perspiration appears, take the medicine every 1-2 hours 10-15 drops.
- When fever has gone, take during several days every 2-3 hours 10 drops in some water.
- Prevention in influenza epidemics: 3-4 times a day 10-15 drops in some water.

- In acute infection with high fever and inflammation localized mainly in the mucosa of the head (redness, delirium, conjunctivitis), use R1.
- In bronchitis: see Jutussin drops R9 and syrup R8.
- In pleuritis: see R24.
- Involvement of sinuses: see R49.
- Above remedies are administered in addition to or in alteration with R6 depending on the symptomatology.
- Chickenpox: administer additionally R68.
Important Note :
Genuine Homeopathic Medicine
Manufactured In India
Under Licence Dr Reckeweg Germany

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